Object Lessons

The Housatonic Museum of Art has developed a number of new thematic exhibitions featuring works from the collection on view throughout the campus:

  • Highlights of the Collection features significant works in the collection that range from the Ancient to the Contemporary in a variety of media including ceramic, marble, bronze and wood as well as paintings, drawings and prints. Artists featured here include Christo, David Hare, Leonard Baskin, Wayne Thiebaud, Ernest Briggs, Anne Arnold, Theodore Robinson and Cleve Gray, to name a few.
  • The Art of Collage and Assemblage features Abe Ajay, Naiad Einsel, Beverly Fishman, Fred Otnes, Paul Nonay and others.
  • The Roots of Abstraction takes a close look at those artists who cleared the path for the emergence of Abstract Expressionism including Jimmy Ernst, Theodoros Stamos, Hale Woodruff, Stephen Greene, Seymour Lipton, Louise Nevelson and Willem de Kooning, among others.
  • Masters of OP Art examines the work of artists most closely associated with this movement including Victor Vasarely, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Josef Levi, Henry Charles Pearson, and Josef Albers.
  • Photorealism: Fixing the Fleeting Moment (Virtual Exhibition Only) presents work by Charles Bell, Robert Bechtle, Fran Bull, Noel Mahaffey, John Baeder, Tom Blackwell, Arne Besser, C.J. Yao and H.N. Han.
  • African Art Collection
  • Native American Collection