Out of a Clear Blue Sky, Spetember 11 to November 8, 2002 Housatonic Museum of Art


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The reflections of others are offered here for you to read...

Wisdom Beyond Their Years Out of the Mouths of Babes... Elementary school children write letters to the babies born on September 11, 2001

The following comments have been offered by visitors to this site or to the exhibit in the Museum:

"I believe that I have changed in the manner that I see everything differently now ; nothing seems trivial. Every sunset, every smile, every raindrop now has so much more meaning than before September 11th 2001."
- Jennifer

"Since September 11th I make sure I never go to bed mad at anyone because I never know what tomorrow may bring. I have learned to appreciate everything for what it is and not what it should be."

"Since the attacks of Sept. 11 I have a greater awareness and appreciation for things that I had previously taken for granted. I have a more positive image of our society than previous. The outpour of volunteers, the genuine support, and emotions shared by people all around the world, renews my faith in people and in a "higher power" be it God, Allah, or Budda."
-a person believing in the common good of all

"At first I felt shock and horror the day all these horrific events took place. Then I felt anger at those who were suspected as having had involvement, then grief for those who lost loved ones, pride in how so many came together at a very tragic time. I can say after ONE year that today, I go forward with my life,believing that despite all the tragedy and devastation, deep-down people are generally good at heart. I leave you this one challenge...If a good thing is done for/to you by a person or persons, don't pay them back for it...pay it forward and do something good for 3 other persons, and encourage them to ""pay it forward"". If you don't get the ""message"" watch the movie ""pay it forward"" with Kevin Spacey. Let's pay it forward America and show the world what the United means in our name United States of America!"
- Housatonic Student

"it makes you look at life different"

"It could have easily been every one of us we must never forget what has happened to us as a country. "
- Tamara Jackson

"I feel a huge empty space in my heart where the soaring vista of the twin towers is missing; especially when we make the turn in an airplane on the way to La guardia. Thank you to all the unbelievable heros of our great country."
-Arline Rosenfeld

"I never thought that one tragic event would change my life forever.  When this occured I was pregnant with my now 9 1/2 month old son.  My boyfriend was at work and I was the closest to New York, my mother called, friends called to make certain that I was safe.  I thank those who fought to save us and never made it home to their families. May God Keep Us All In Unity!  My prayers are with those families.  It will always be a special day in my heart!"
- Sabrina Peck

"The tragic affairs that took place on 9/11 have and shall always affect me.  I felt that the one thing that really offered comfort was the way people all around opened up, pitched in, and helped out in this tragedy.  I'd like to think we as a society are this way consistently and not just when bad things happen in our nation.  I watched as people everywhere flew the ""stars and stripes"" on cars, their homes, and a year later, you see less of that.  We were all comforting each other the week of the tragedy, and even months after the tragedy, but now everyone is back to doing things like nothing happened. Sure, we all need to move on from this, but we should still demostrate the love, support, and spirit shown when 9/11 happened, all these feelings were seen, felt and heard, but a year later, it has gradually vanished.  Don't forget what this tragedy did to us all, both the good and the bad. just cause this is now a year later, doesn't mean we can't still pull together as a nation of caring, supportive, helpful people just because right now nothing tragic has occured for a year."
- Rev. Al P. Mead, UCC

September 11 2001 was a tradgedy beyond comprehension.It was hard to believe that such a thing would happen,that innocent people would be killed and made to suffer in such a horrific manner,and that their families and the survivors would suffer lifelong trauma.There are indeed some evil people in the World. I know they must be contained or they must be difused.And yet more than ever I want to see Peace in the World and no more of this killing.There must be a better way to work out our differences and rid the World of evil people.I was not personally involved in this tragedy but if I was I know that my wish for World peace would be even stronger."
-Time for Peace,Australia

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