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Documentary Photographic Images: New York, September 11

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Here is New York: A democracy of Photographshere is new york is not a conventional gallery show. It is something new, a show tailored to the nature of the event, and to the response it has elicited. The exhibition is subtitled "A Democracy of Photographs" because anyone and everyone who has taken pictures relating to the tragedy is invited to bring or ftp their images to the gallery (in SOHO) , where they will be digitally scanned, archivally printed and displayed on the walls alongside the work of top photojournalists and other professional photographers.

All of the prints which here is new york displays will be sold to the public for $25, regardless of their provenance. The net proceeds will go to the Children's Aid Society WTC Relief Fund, for the benefit of the thousands of children who are among the greatest victims of this catastrophe.

The causes and effects of the events of 9/11/2001 are by no means clear, and will not be for a very long time. What is clear, though, is this: in order to restore our sense of equilibrium as a nation, as a city, and particularly as a community, we need to develop a new way of looking at and thinking about history, as well as a way of making sense of all of the images which continue to haunt us.

15 images displayed have been purchased by members of the Housatonic community for inclusion in the Houstonic Museum of Art's permanent collection. These images are a visual record of the attack on and destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists on the morning of September 11, 2001. The photographs serve as a reminder that America, as powerful as we are perceived to be by ourselves and others, is not, in fact, invulnerable.

To view the images in the HMA collection The 15 images purchased by members of the HCC Community

here is new york: a democracy of photographs The here is new york web site offers almost all of the 6000 images that have been collected. You may also purchase images as well as the book here is new york.