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Out of a Clear Blue Sky

Documentary Photographic Images: New York, September 11

Out of a Clear Blue Sky, Spetember 11 to November 8, 2002 Housatonic Museum of Art

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"Music helps us to tame our sorrow and gets us through to the other side."

- Bill Flanagan, Senior vice president, VH1
Quoted from his essay on CBS Sunday Morning
September 8, 2002

Creative individuals use many forms to express their feelings and emotions. Musicians played an important role in the events following September 11. Many well known recording artists wrote, produced, or performed music that was created in the aftermath of tragedy or was rededicated due to its new meaning in our changed world.

There are also many artists that are much less known whose creations are just as meaningful and were born of the same need. OUT OF A CLEAR BLUE SKY exhibits images of September 11 offered by both professional and amateur photographers. Playing in the background is music created by both well-known and littl- known recording artists. Their messages are offered as part of the healing and reflection of this exhibit.

Below is a list of the music compiled for this exhibit. The links provided below offer information on the artists and many include MP3 files as well.

Song Title Recording Artist
Dawn Echo
Freedom Rings Smart Apple
Long Walk Home Curtis S.D. Macdonald
New York City Dreams Charlie Souza
RISE Jimmy James
September 11th Swing academy
September 11, 2001 The Hitman Blues Band
September 11, 2001: Echoes Of Terror Vistas
September 11th Sam Brooker
September 11th Sandy Ross (folk and blues)
Sing a Dragon's Song Sable
Sorrow Beyond Beyond
Teardrops In The Rain (4 Victims of 9/11) NEUROTRON 606
A Prayer in Remembrance Frans Cronje
Where were you when the World Stopped Turning Alan Jackson
Ashes in theFalling Rain Wayne Manby
Beautiful Day U2
Lonesome Day Bruce Springsteen
The Rising Bruce Springsteen
Empty Sky Bruce Springsteen
Further Up the Road Bruce Springsteen
Requiem, KV 626 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart