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Out of a Clear Blue Sky

Documentary Photographic Images: New York, September 11

Out of a Clear Blue Sky, Spetember 11 to November 8, 2002 Housatonic Museum of Art

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September 1, 2002

I have spent the last few months pouring over images and memories of last September. We are approaching the first anniversary of one of the most horrific events of our lives. As I watch all the specials on television reliving the events of September 11, 2001, I feel many of the same overwhelming emotions that I did during that most difficult time. Some of those emotions I would rather not ever have again. However, I feel it is my responsibility to keep them safely inside me, not to hide from but to ensure that they are part of me just as they are forever a part of who we are as a nation and as citizens of the world. September 11th has defined us.

But not all my memories are painful, and perhaps these are the ones that have changed me the most. I remember being so thankful for what I have personally, and what we, as a nation, take for granted. I will never forget the way the people responded to this tragedy. From the ordinary citizen to the politician to the fire and police personnel, everyone acted with such amazing grace. So many times, when there were no words to describe the pain, it was human kindness that communicated what we all could not say. Those are the things that I want to remember most. Those are the memories that give me hope.

Susan Greene

Read words of reflection offered by others…