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GE logoBased on the 16-part PBS series that aired January 2003. Sponsored by GE

Freedom: A History of US

Photographs and Documents
That Define American Freedom, 1776-1968

MARCH 13, 2003 THROUGH APRIL 18, 2003

Opening Reception Sponsored by General Electric:

Thursday, March 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Special Music Performance by Cyd Slotoroff and Stacy Phillips

reception photo
HCC President Janis Hadley enjoys the entertainment with Gus Serra, Manager of Community Relations and Communications at GE.
reception photo
Cyd Slotoroff and Stacy Phillips perform American folk songs, past and present, reflecting the theme of freedom.
reception photo
Museum Director Robbin Zella with one of the exhibit panels in the background.
reception photo
Gus Serra joins guests of the Museum during the musical entertainment.
reception photo
Janet Luongo, educational consultant for the Museum, discusses the project with
Gus Serra of GE and Lynn Dodson of Creative Lines.