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Pins and Needles

Curated by Suzan Shutan, Professor of Studio Art, Housatonic Community College

January 21 through February 20, 2014

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untitled by Erwina Ziomkowski

The wolf stopped the girl and asked, "Where are you going? What do you carry?"
"I'm going my grandmother's house," said the girl, "and I'm bringing her bread and cream."
"Which path will you take?" the wolf asked. "The Path of Needles or the Path of Pins?"
"I'll take the Path of Needles," said the girl.
"Why then, I'll take the Path of Pins, and we'll see who gets there first,” said the Wolf.

This excerpt from the French story “The Grandmother’s Tale,” recorded by Charles Perrault and retitled “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Brothers Grimm, is thought be a coming of age story for young girls passing from childhood into adulthood. Indeed, rural maidens would often toss pins into fountains wishing for a sweetheart and boys, in turn, would “pin” their beloved.

Pins and needles are the humble tools long associated with sewing and spinning which has been, and continues to be, an essential part of women’s domestic and industrial labor. Curator Suzan Shutan has brought together ten women artists who employ these common fasteners as a means of creative expression. Pins and Needles explores a variety of subjects including memory, mapping, beauty, nature, pleasure, loss, pain, absence and presence, poetry, scripture and spirituality.

Pins and Needles Artists

Kim Bruce, Canada
Janice Caswell, New York City
Beth Dary, New York City
Valerie Hallier, New York City
Tamiko Kawata, New York City
Belle Shafir, Israel
Karen Shaw, New York City
Suzan Shutan, New Haven
Jill Vasileff, Stockton, California
Erwina Ziomkowska, Poland