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Waking the Dead: Housatonic Museum of Art presents Forensic Sculptor Lisa Bailey

April 6, 2016

Contact: Robbin Zella

Bernstein Down Under

Bridgeport, CT...Forensic sculptors combine artistic talents with in depth knowledge of anatomy to assist law enforcement in identification. Sculptors might perform facial reconstructions on unidentified remains or use age-progression techniques to develop busts of missing persons. Waking the Dead is a lecture and demonstration by forensic sculptor and author, Lisa Bailey. This lecture and demonstration is sponsored by the Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT. The lecture will be held Friday, May 6, 2016 in the Burt Chernow Galleries in Lafayette Hall from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Space is limited and registration for this free event is recommended. Call (203) 332-5052.

There are but a handful of forensic sculptors working today; a field that stands at the crossroads of art, crime, science, anthropology and plain old gut instinct. To that end, Housatonic Community College has introduced “Facial Reconstruction,” a brand new course in its Forensic Science Program, and a requirement toward the completion of course work in Forensic Anthropology. Professor Robin L. Avant said, “Lisa Bailey’s expertise comes from education, practice as an artist and her work experience, making her one of a kind. We are so pleased that she will be here sharing her knowledge as an artist and a scientist with our students.”

Lisa Bailey is a forensic artist, sculptor, and author based in Virginia. Her work involves the reconstruction of unidentified remains through facial reconstruction utilizing the human skull, often the only information with which to work. She also conducts research in the field of forensic facial imaging. She has instructed forensic art courses and has been a guest lecturer to numerous state and federal law enforcement agencies. Her book “Ask a Forensic Artist” provides a unique insight into one the of the most fascinating jobs in law enforcement, as well as providing career guidance for aspiring forensic artists. She can be reached through her website

For further information contact Robbin Zella at the Housatonic Museum of Art at or (203) 332-5052.